Plastic Myths

Performance, Kinetic Installation, Movie
Installation Size : 8m * 3m
Movie Length : 4:15 ( Video of Three Performances )

국립 아시아 문화 전당 개관전 ‘플라스틱 신화들’ 전시 중

< Everything that exists is God – 존재하는 모든 것은 신이다. >

This work is a reinterpretation of the ancient Indian mythology on the cyclic structure of the creation and destruction of the world.
Based on characteristics of Hindi mythology – parallel multiverse theory and the connectivity of the cyclic world – this work reveals the process of how the world through ‘Vishnu’s dream’ disappears through ‘Shiva’s dance’.
Ultimately, a beginning without destruction, or life without death, is impossible. Then, perhaps we may start from death and end with birth. This work interprets life, destruction and death by repeated kinetic and formative elements. Five works of the installations stop and then rotate with precise and regular time gaps, and repeats reversal of direction. The movement of each element and the close connectivity between video and space display the uselessness of beginning and end through endless repetition.



IMG_9320 from vakki on Vimeo.

IMG_9319 from vakki on Vimeo.

IMG_9314 from vakki on Vimeo.