In Out Out Out In


Vakki is an artist from Seoul who explores various media ranging from graphic design, kinetic installation, video, to interactive media. Vakki geometrically interprets the movement of objects within the given orbit with graphics and mobility. Having been exhibited at Asian Culture Center, Nam June Paik Art Center, and galleries in New York and Berlin, Vakki recently moved to The Hague and is excited to show her works for the first time in Amsterdam at Almost Not Done.

At Almost not done, Vakki exhibits geometric patterns that have been dissembled and reassembled on both planes and objects. On surfaces of the materials in relation to the surroundings, she creates visual rhythm with well-ordered relations between forms. Starting with flat image on the floor and prints, she expands the dimension out to kinetic works with volume and dynamics.

Vakki has focused on “elements” throughout her works, which are expressed through patterns that generate optical illusion with sensual and visual play, posing a new interpretation of the reality. Patterns bring in fractions of daily lives that are weaved under rules and orders. Each circular panels and patterns of the exhibition “In Out Out Out In” is the minimum unit of visual message. It creates playful visual error – or play – as the visual you see can be a segment or the whole. It aligns with the artist’s goal of focusing on the present rather than the past or the future, on the continuation of the keen relationship between moments. The geometric juxtaposition of each unit proposes new relations to the surroundings with fragmented forms, creating yet another form of order.