The repetition of coincidence and inevitability

The repetition of coincidence and inevitability’

Performance, Interactive Installation, Movie
Installation Size : 1m * 1m80cm
Movie Length : 2:00 ( Video of Three Performances ), A Video Recording of B.F. Skinner’s Experiment 1:30

This work started from the pigeon experiment, which is one of the most famous experiments by Burrhus Frederic Skinner.
This experiment involves the learning process by which the pigeon, upon seeing a light being turned on, presses a button to get food.
On one occasion, the light came on by chance when the pigeon turned round on the spot. Since then, the pigeon repeatedly made turns every time
the light came on. A coincidental action became as if it was an essential and necessary condition for food, and once that random action seems to have led to a sorely desired result, humans create the value of absolute faith.

As I contemplated on a device to display the video of my movement in a closed space similar to the experimental apparatus of B. F. Skinner,
I chose the form of an arcade game machine. I placed red and blue buttons on the game machine and mapped onto the buttons the performance video
with different sounds and the video of B. F. Skinner’s pigeon experiment. I sought to create yet another random result engendered by the viewer’s choice of button.