Mind-Body Problem

the 10th anniversary Rememberance Exhibition of NamJune Paik < Wrap Around The Time >

백남준 추모 10주기 특별전 <다중시간> 백남준 아트센터

2016.03.03. – 2016. 07. 03


Performance, Kinetic Installation, Movie, Sound

3- Channel Video and Sound 4’15’’ , Installation Size : 6m * 5m

Nam-June Pack Art Center

Sound Dguru


This was an installation work that was installed in the 10th Anniversary Remembrance Exhibition of Nam June Paik. This was a development from Nam June Paik, and I started it with inspirations from Paik’s <TV Buddha> and <Robot K-456>. The composition of ‘Mind-Body Problem’ (2016) deals with the issue of the body and the mind that future robots would have.As the previous robots repeated the assigned mechanical tasks, the kinetic installation at the center of the space symbolizes mechanical and physical activity. As robots are not for self-replication of humans but reflect desires in the human egos, robots detach roles of certain body parts and operate by recombining them. Its relationship with the video work, which is composed of the organic movement of the body – of which the external shape has been changed – and random thoughts of the robot, is division by dichotomy, or the installational element is expanded to be expressed in the video. The movement of patterns on the video is like diverse calculations that take place in the computer. That is, it is a virtual computer code constituted by rules and order. Amongst the geometrical patterns, at some moment, an artificial ego emerges that is like a bug that the machine created on purpose. This faces the patterns in a form similar to a computer virus. In the frame, the artist – who created and wore five different forms of clothes and also made yet other different repetitive motions – faces the patterns in a form like a computer virus, and captures the scene in which ridiculous bugs are created. This is a fight between the mechanical computer programed by humans and the self-formed artificial intelligence ego.

Contrary to the era of Paik’s Robot K-456 when artificial ego was a vague science fiction idea, the AI is gradually coming to the reality nowadays; we shall have to inquire into the imagination of machines that will cohabit the world with us in the future.

mind-body problem installation by vakki from vakki on Vimeo.