Riverrun : Vertigo of Running River

<Riverrun : Vertigo of Running River>

The word ‘Riverrun’ in the performance title is the first word of James Joyce’s novel Finnegans Wake. The last sentence of the book is not complete, and ends with the word ‘the’, so that it forms a cyclic structure where the first and last sentences are linked. As in the structure of this novel, the performance treats the life we are living and the cyclic process of this world in illogical and un-ideal stories. As in Joyce’s characteristic series of words in patterned syllables, this performance also proceeds in the form of a sequence of poetic images. This media performance fills the gaps between constituent elements of the stage space with digital video with application of digital media, creating a synaesthetic environment, and sculptural installations between scenes demand that the embracer enter the world of image in the work rather than take an observing role before the images. The kinetic sculptural works on the stage complete the work with the performance of dancers.


< 리버런 : 달리는 강의 현기증 >

서울 국제 공연 예술제 / 아르코 예술극장
안무 : 차진엽
연출 : 빠키
음악 : 그레이문

riverrun from vakki on Vimeo.