Unstable Instrument : Play

Kinetic Installation / 4m * 2.5m / Mixed Media / 2015

대림미술관 구슬모아 당구장 개인전 ‘불안전한 장치’
대림문화재단 소장 중

The circular panels and the pattern elements constituting this work are the smallest units of the work as visual language tool.
Each panel unit contains an image of a different pattern. The pattern is created by repeating an abstract image that is formed from regular rules and order along the life. While the individual characteristic of the pattern can be recognized, the pattern is expanded in repetition overall so that a collectivized image is created of which neither its start or end can be known. The viewpoint on the image may be a part and the whole of the work, and the work produces playful visual fallacy that makes it difficult to identify where the momentary viewpoint on the image might be. My work is in the same context as valuing not the temporal flow, the past, or the present, but the moment of the present.
This work creates rhythmicity of patterns and sensory play through the movement using rotation of motors. The orderly relations between forms face new relations again as disassembled geometrical shapes and creates a process of forming yet another order. It is the foundational starting point of my work to create a virtual and different contextual play and express the inherent rules through visual play elements.


Unstable Instrument from vakki on Vimeo.