Walk through the forest of conscious instruments

Walk through the forest of conscious instruments (2016)

Installation, Movie, Interaction

Space Size : 15m * 15m

Movie Length : 6:00  5 Channel Video, 2 Channel Projection , 5 Channel Sound

국립 아시아 문화 전당

Our life depends on memory and the ego is formed on the basis of that memory. From an individual’s language to walking and movement, the ego is a complex of memory. However, where are all those memories for our existence created and destroyed? This work started from the imagination about a device that could selectively erase and replay memories that were passively formed from experiences, with the motif of the physical structure of a washing device. This symbolically created installation was constructed as a procedural device which enables the audience to experience, face, and momentarily forget complicated memories about the world. The washing devices that can selectively erase and replay passively formed memories are as if they are a ritual.‘To Walk the Forest of the Consciousness Device’ was made so that the audience could enter the space of the work in person and experience colors accompanied by the touch of the installation material and the synesthesia of hearing and an element of smell in addition. Ultrasonic sensors were attached to PVC line on the ceiling so that when the audience enters the vicinity of each area as if taking a walk in the forest, a bell-like beat sound source is created in accordance with the movement of the audience. The more people gather in one area to make the lines collide, the faster and expanded sound is created, and sounds are combined according to the number of the audience, speed of movement and range of action to form unpredictable harmony randomly. Digital elements were added to create impromptu movement listening to the sound in reaction to the sound of physical interaction, and the syncopation and rhythmicity created by the audience are constructed in layers and positioned in space. This becomes an element that maximizes the experience of the audience. I think that being able to imagine random results without any purpose or intention is close to what I think of as play. There is not a single predictable thing in this world. I focused on the play that emerges in a community by creating non-linear rhythm and movement through the movement of humans and control of sound hearing.



























media_surface_interview from vakki on Vimeo.