We Face Every day

Interactive media artwork (2015)

This is a participatory interactive work created by a kinetic camera and the information entered in the A.I. algorithm. It recognizes the face and important joints of the audience. As more movement is observed, the patterns in the moving image identifies the organic movement of the audience focusing on their heart and joints, and the patterns are thus created and expand.
I sought to express that while the bodily human will one day cease to exist and disappear, one gains the power to create something continuously during one’s life and movement. This is to become yet another device by one’s own free will. That is, it shows the fact that we have the potential and possibility to create new rules and order in our life that is otherwise full of anxiety and irregularity, by means of the device in our egos. The characteristic of this work is that it displays the face of the audience in the work, and this play of the audience being immersed in the transformed movement as one sees oneself in the mirror leads to an experience of a different cyclic time.

we face every day. from vakki on Vimeo.


Small Dot of Space


<불완전한 장치> 2015 개인전  / 대림미술관 스페이스 구슬모아 당구장